Ozark Integrative Medicine - Acupuncture - Herbal Medicine -  Nutrition
Nutritional Counseling is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Erik Hardin, L.Ac is trained in diet and nutrition and will make recommendations as part of your treatment. 

We also offer classes and coaching services to allow you to practice your dietary recommendations. 

Cooking Classes: Public and private classes are available.  
Cooking Coaching: Have questions about cooking for better health? Schedule one-on-one sessions for guidance in converting your favorite recipes, working around food allergies, special diets for diabetes, cancer, weight loss, athletic performance, etc. Your personalized session will meets your individual needs and interests. Call for a free consultation. 

Personal Chef: Come home to a wholesome, whole food, plant based meal.  Imagine your fridge full of fresh meals for you and your family. Visit www.nourishingArkansas.com for details. 

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